Online insecurity
In today's world, online security and identity theft have become the most frightening issues for consumers. The fear of having criminals obtain one's login information and use that information for fraud and other criminal purposes has become top of mind.
To organizations transacting with their customers over the Internet and to those who need to provide access to protected network resources to their employees, they have become the most worrisome.

The threat of key loggers and other malware
White papers from McAfee Avert Labs and others on global identity theft trends uncovered a dramatic increase in online and computer-based identity theft through the use of keyloggers and other malware. According to these report, the use of keyloggers malicious software code that tracks typing activity to capture passwords and other private information continues to show significant growth.

The problem with passwords
The most secure method to avoid this problem when accessing websites and systems is through the use of variable passwords, passwords that are only valid for a single login. Unfortunately most organizations, including virtually all North American financial institutions, still have their customers access financial and other personal and confidential information using the least secure method available and the one most vulnerable to attack; a static, reusable password.

The solution
OTPXS* is a two-factor authentication, variable password solution that provides the kind of security that is needed in today's insecure online world. Whether you represent an organization that only offers its customers use of static, reusable passwords or you are a consumer forced to use them, this website will provide you with more information on how you can achieve better protection of valuable information assets. Please click the appropriate menu link above to find out more.

* Patented