Using Variable Passwords


In view of the security vulnerabilities discussed previously, solutions have been developed that can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access through the use of variable passwords. In such cases, where passwords are only valid for a single login, even capturing or knowing the password will be meaningless as it can only be used once.

Most of these solutions use small hardware devices that generate constantly changing codes which, together with a user's PIN code, generate a variable password. This is generally referred to as two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, such devices can be forgotten, lost, stolen or rendered useless due to accident or abuse.

No need for hardware devices
OTPXS is also a two-factor authentication, variable password solution but it is software based and does not require the use of any device. Rather, it is a password that is made up of something the user knows, a PIN code, and something the user creates, a single-use passcode.

It works in a way similar to opening a safe. Assuming that you did not tell anyone else and only you know the combination, you can open it by entering the right combination. As an example, an OTPXS solution using an 8 character alpha-numeric passcode using numbers and upper and lower-case letters, offers more than 218 trillion possible combinations. Together with the user's PIN code the number of combinations is virtually limitless.

If you are not offered the use of a variable password solution when accessing personal and confidential information, ask the organization controlling your access to inquire into the significantly increased security offered by OTPXS.

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