FAQ Definitions


Access Code
A variable string of characters that is used, together with an Identification Means, to obtain secure access to protected resources. This string is different each time you seek access.

Access Key
Unique information generated by an authenticating system using OTPXS, allowing you to generate an Access Code.

Identification Means
A way to identify yourself to an authenticating system, such as providing a username or user ID, or by using a device that has this information already encoded on it, such as an ATM card, smart card, etc.

A code that is generated for you by a hardware device, such as a token or smart card or, when using OTPXS, that you generate yourself from the Access Key based on previously defined criteria.

A fixed/static combination of characters that are used, together with an Identification Means, to obtain access to protected resources. This is the most common way to obtain access and also the least secure since passwords are often written down, easily guessed and, although they should be changed frequently, are generally used for a prolonged period of time without change.

PIN Code
A personal identification number or code. Most PIN codes are 4 numbers, like the one you use at an ATM machine. They can however consist of any number of characters and could contain not only numbers but also, if the input device offers that option, letters (both upper- and lower-case) and even special characters.

Two-factor Authentication
One of the most secure methods to obtain access to protected resources that combines your Identification Means with something you know, your PIN Code, and something you obtain or generate, a Passcode. The two parts combined will create the Access Code.