OTPXS, the Affordable Solution *


To protect your customers' and your organization's most critical information assets, you need a solution that is secure, cost-effective, software-based, easy to implement and customer friendly.

Superior to passwords
OTPXS offers a significantly more secure solution than systems with passwords that can be valid for an indefinite period of time and is easier to use than challenge-response systems that require multiple steps to generate a valid code or that require mathematical or other data manipulation on the part of the user.

No physical devices
OTPXS is fully customizable, can be implemented by organizations directly into their own existing systems, has no limitations on the number of users and does not require the purchase of any computer hardware, software or services.

It also does not require the use of any physical devices, such as tokens, nor the help-desk systems and resources necessary for the management of these devices, thereby significantly reducing the cost of implementation. It is ideal for any organization, but particularly for those with large numbers of online customers.

User driven solution
OTPXS is based on something your customers and/or employees define and know, and the login passcode generated from this knowledge changes every time the user logs in. If properly implemented, the likelihood of the user ever having to provide the same password more than once is virtually nonexistent.

Find out how OTPXS can help your organization achieve its online security objectives and contact us today for more information.

* Patented